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Conservation. Reforestation. Marine Restoration



"Punta Ballena" is a sustainable real estate development, ecotourism- and conservation project at the Pacific Coast of Panama. Following our vision and green approach, Punta Ballena will host an eco-collective, an education center and a re-forestation project. Guests will stay comfortably in low-impact and off-grid accommodations. 

Paradise Beach Isla Parida
Punta Ballena aerial view
Parrot at Punta Ballena Panama
Punta Ballena Beach
Humpback whale
Punta Ballena aerial view
Punta Ballena Palm Beach
Who we are


We are Punta Ballena S.A., a Panama based, certified Real Estate Development Company dedicated to helping clients develop their ideas into tangible properties since 2000. Over the years, we’ve worked in dozens of projects, and we strive to learn from each experience in order to deliver high quality results to future clients. Have a look at all the projects we’ve worked on in the past, and get in touch to commission one of your own.


Punta Ballena, will be an eco-collective, an education center and a re-forestation project. Guests will stay comfortably in low-impact and off-grid accommodations. Jungle paths will lead to 7 different beaches through primary forest, reforestation projects, and food gardens.  Thousands of square meters of shallow Coral Reef surround the properties, and deep water reefs further off-shore , both home to more than 700 recorded species of marine life. Snorkeling and diving tours will be accessible to guests who visit the grounds.  Days will be full of nature and education, and celebratory meals will be enjoyed on the sunset patio. 


The eco-collective is currently divided into 4 aspects: The Education Center, The Tour Center, The Accommodations and Restaurant, and the behind the scenes restorative projects.  We are currently gathering a Team of ethical Investors, green-entrepreneurs and scientists to make this projects a success.  A  Punta Ballena share holder needs to participate in one or more of the following areas:

Environmental education.jpg



Learn from the Specialists, Scientists and Activists who will be invited on a rotating schedule to engage guests through inforamtive seminars and face to face Q&As. Nature documentaries will be projected nightly, and interactive tours through the jungle will depart daily identifying native and medicinal plants. Get a glimpse into the Restorative projects happening on Isla Parida.  

Tour watching Panama.jpg



Guests of Punta Ballena will have a variety of aquatic day trips to choose from , Whale watching, Kayaking, Scuba and Snorkeling with licensed guides. Punta Ballena is a gathering place for the Great Hump-Back Whales of the Pacific.  From July to November migrating paths from both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres arrive to perform great shows of courtship, give birth in calm warm waters, and playfully breach . 

2019_03_24 13 05 DJI_0647.jpg


Comfortable open concept accommodations designed to highlight the natural beauty of the island, while providing just enough insulation from the elements. The restaurant will serve breakfast lunch and dinner with healthy local produce and prepare picnics for tours,  without the use of single use plastics!

The Vision


700 species of fish have been identified in the Golfo de Chiriqui,  and the protected waters are used for breeding and birthing by the Humpback Whales. We want to raise awareness about certain methods of fishing that need to be stopped, and how  people can do their part to conciously reject them. As part of our misson we are currently looking for a project manager and advisor for a Coral Restoration Facility.

coral restauration.jpg


Rebuilding reef structures destroyed by coral bleaching and overfishing. Cleaning  beaches and reefs from plastic garbage and restoring natural marine habitats

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Conserving the natural habitats of turtles and Humback whales. Promoting low impact commercial practices in the region. Preserving marine biodiversity and driving environmental awareness 

Forest Isla Parida Nationalpark.jpg


Re-establishing Panama's natural Biodiversity in the coastal hinterland at Punta Ballena with a long term reforestation program



The team behind the Punta Ballena project has the ambitious goal of setting new standards in Panama's real estate developement landscape and strives at merging a sustainable vision with commercial interests, benefiting the regional economy, external investers and direct contributers alike. In the current phase of development we are seeking for investors alingning with our vision to devlop Punta Ballena into a striving eco tourism, conservation and reforestation project.

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